Thursday, April 8, 2010

16 months!!

Today, my "babies" are 16 months old...

It looked like they were up to something, so, like any Mommy who has given up all hope at keeping her house neat and organized, I grabbed my camera to document the destruction...

It was an assembly line deal...Dylan would pull something out of the pantry and hand it to Owen...then Owen would hand it back and Dylan would put in back in...

Owen gives the brown sugar a try...Mommy now realizes she has 3 bags of brown sugar...maybe she should bake something?! I know a certain little boy who loves to make banana bread...but it's hard to get enough "yucky bananas" to make banana bread when the boys eat so many every day! Puts a new spin on the "monkey" nickname for all my boys!!

Rejected by Owen...the brown sugar bag doesn't taste as good as the real thing...

Next up...taste testing the brown grocery bag...he doesn't look too impressed...

Maybe this is a better use...

Mommy's been spotted...

D continues his work...

Seems he was trying to make room in the pantry...for himself!

Had to look back to a year ago...these two are so cute together!!

Dylan (left) has the same "deer in headlights" look in both these pictures!

I remember this being one of the first times I saw them really look at each other.
Melt my heart.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It's Easter weekend and Grampa Dode is in town! After a fun trip to the Park yesterday, we had a snack, and Grampa Dode and Ethan built a "sport" (fort) before naptime.

The Easter bunny brought the kids some jelly beans, chocolate, and sippy cups...for Ethan, a "big purple St Olaf cup" which was really not from St Olaf, but is just like the "big blue St Olaf cup." The Easter bunny ate way too many jelly beans and Reeces while putting together the baskets, so she needs to be good today!!

Ethan was SO excited to see his basket from the Easter bunny!

And Owen and Dylan were pretty cute with their new bunny cups...even though they were a total milk disaster on the floor...

It's a beautiful Sunday morning! The forecast from a few days ago was showing rain for today, and as Mommy talked to Ethan about how wonderful it was that Sven was wrong about the rain, he said..."It's sunny out so it's Sunday. When it's cloudy out it's Cloud-day, when the moon is out it's Moon-day and when the darkness is out it's Dark-day"...we've been working on the days of the week...looks like we have some work to do, but Ethan's concept makes sense too!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Closing March with pictures

Scenes from March...

Dylan and his "softie"

Owen and Mommy in March 2010...reminds me so much of...

Ethan and Mommy in April of 2007

Late to the game, but ready to go...Owen is WALKING!!

WHAT is this face? It cracks me up!!

Dylan is such a big boy!! Reminds me of...

...these little Ethan cheeks from March of 2008

Dylan accessorizes just like his big brother does with beads

Owen is ready to go on our first "family walk" of the year!

So are D & Ethan

Mommy and D have a morning snuggle

Gramma Nana and Ethan build a "sport"...otherwise known as a FORT!

Owen is definitely saying "E E!" in this picture...his way of saying his brother Ethan's name.

Ethan did great at his preschool's trike-a-thon!!