Saturday, May 15, 2010

Derby: pre-Derby

We probably would have taken this many pictures anyway, but especially since it was raining and we knew that all of our beautification efforts would soon be spoiled, we posed Prom-style in just about every permutation possible.

The challenge for every to sneak the booze into Churchill. This year, because of the rain, an obvious solution presented itself...the poncho. The irony of Andy's pat-down at the security gate still makes me laugh. He opens his jacket, gets patted down...all the while, his booze is wrapped up in the poncho that he has folded his hand! Success!

Derby: Day 1

We went to the Derby this year! First time for me...third time for Andy...although this time he classed it up with box seats (thanks Mom and Dad!)...although, that is just to say that we had tickets with designated seats and dressed up in hats and coordinating outfits galore...but we probably still acted like we were in the infield...I mean, Andy still snuck in some booze, and I changed into my flip-flops and swigged out of the 5th of, you know...we're just not all that classy. Period. My Mom scored 6 box seats on the first turn...right around where we sat in 2006 when we went to the Kentucky Oaks. Ethan was there in 2006 my belly. This year, Andy and I flew in on Friday, as did my sister and her husband. It was a fast and furious weekend, filled with lots of rain, lots of good food and drink, and great company.

Mom picked us up from the airport and we had a nice lunch before heading back to the loft. My Dad got home from work and we all hung out on the balcony listening to and watching the goings-ons of 4th Street on Derby weekend. I just had to take pictures of the guys who stopped on a downtown street, right in front of my parents' loft, to sell food!

That nigh, we went to Z's Fusion, a great restaurant down 4th Street from my parents' loft. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were it's kind of like the place to be.

My boys

Did I post these already?! hard to get a picture of all my beautiful boys looking at me and giving me genuine smiles at the same time...I'll take what I can get. Either way, I still think they are all beautiful...
I love Ethan's smile in this last one, and Owen looks like he is trying TOO hard...

It's meeeee.....

Yeah, it's been awhile..."been busy" is the understatement of the Year.

I'll be posting a few updates to get everyone caught up...likely, they will come as a series of photos, with captions...because as I type right now, I have 3 kids hanging off of me, one yelling "Mommy, Mom-meeeee, Hey, Mommy, Hey, Mom-meeeee!", one trying to ascend my leg, and one obsessed with sticking his finger in my belly know, everyday stuff...just not a lot of time for text.

So, let's start back in April...when I put my kids in the laundry baskets...because it's funny...

Owen wants everyone to know that while Dylan might be known for his drool production, he's not too shabby with it himself.