Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thurs appt update and "7-week" picture

An aerial view of our beautiful babies (you can see my feet!). Owen is on the left, Dylan on the right. They were both IN me not too long ago...I can't get over that!! I'm calling this our 7-week picture, but it was actually just taken this morning and they were 7-weeks old last Monday.

I couldn't wait to post the newest weights for Dylan and Owen as of Thursday so I had to post quickly this are the rest of the updates...

When their nurse comes to visit for the RSV Synagis shots, they get mini-exams...temp, heart rates, weight, lungs checked, etc. Since we've had a bad cold going through our Ethan is snotting on was nice to have D & O checked out as I've been worried that they might be coming down with it. Andy and I have also had some congestion here and there and some scratchy throats, so I was pleased that a nurse was coming to our house so I could ask questions and have my babies looked at.

Temps were good, heart rates were good and almost exactly the same, weight was, as you know, spectacular!, and lungs were clear. She wasn't concerned about their coughing...which isn't severe, but is present...or their congestion...which also isn't severe, but I can hear rattling in Owen especially. Actually, the common cold might be good for them as it builds up some immunity. It's the RSV strain that is dangerous to them, and since they are getting these shots, even the RSV strain probably wouldn't be severe enough to send them to the hospital. All of this is reassuring...regardless, she told us to still be careful about it (as in, I will still be a hand-washing psycho...I recently learned that Purell doesn't kill the flu virus, it might actually thrive on please wash your hands as you enter the house...whether you are planning to hold babies or play with Ethan...we have SpongeBob soap, if that helps :>). Although their due date has passed, their lungs and vessels still aren't up to the development level they'd be at if they'd been born term as babies grow faster in utero versus the "real" world.

Like last month, we were told to keep up the good work! My eyes might sting due to the lack of sleep, but at least those annoying middle-of-the-night feedings are very productive!

Our next pediatrician appointment is at Children's Hospital on the 11th. We just found out last night at a friend's birthday party that one of our friends from college, who works at Children's, knows our pediatrician well. We'll probably get a chance to introduce her to our babies when we are there in a little over a week. Ugh, tomorrow is February already...I've had mixed feelings about January...I'm usually happier when it's over since it feels like the winter is closer to ending than beginning, but this year I'm dreading the beginning of February...I go back to work on March 2!!

Not so preemie now...

Quick update on weights from Dylan and Owen's RSV shot on Thursday. I was way off it was embarrassing...the nurse asked me to guess and I guessed Owen at around 8lbs and Dylan about a 0.5lb to 1lb heavier...

Owen is 8lbs 10oz
Dylan is 10lbs 8oz


On Jan 2 at the pediatrician they were 6lbs 10oz and 7lbs 3oz. That's some pretty good weight gain in just under 4 weeks!! We are so happy that our hard work is helping them thrive so well.

More updates on the past few days to come later!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ethan edition...with some sleep updates

Ethan's latest thing to say is, "I'm just boy"...recently I said, "You are such a big boy, Ethan" and he said, "I'm not big. I'm just boy, Mommy"...Now it's the response to almost anything..."I'm not sick, I'm just boy"..."I'm not eating breakfast, I'm just boy"...

Sunday morning Ethan created his longest sentence jaw dropped as he was about half-way through it. Andy was grinding coffee beans so he didn't hear it from the kitchen and at first he didn't believe me when I told him. Behold, my genius child...."I'm probably going to bring my car into my learning tower and watch daddy make coffee, Mommy"...

Something about a toddler being sick makes them say "no" to, or dispute, anything you say. Ethan was riding around on his Harley trike the other morning and was reaching for the pedals...Gamma was commenting that he seems to be growing lately and Ethan said, "I'm not growing, just flowers grow"...

We were reading "Alligator Alphabet" recently and R is "R is for rabbit, they have fluffy white tails" Ethan told me that Mommy doesn't have a tail...usually I do have a tail...he calls my pony tail, "Mommy's tail"...

Ethan was coughing so hard on Monday morning that he threw up on Gamma...Gamma decided she needed a new shirt so I lent her my hooded St Olaf sweatshirt. Later, Ethan saw Gamma wearing it and said "Gamma wearing Mommy's jacket"...I guess I might wear that sweatshirt too much...

We have a bedtime book where all the baby Sesame Street characters have something they snuggle with at bedtime. The last page asks, "What do you snuggle with as you turn out the light?"...Ethan always says, "I snuggle blue blankets, I snuggle cars, and I snuggle Mater"...for awhile he would ask, "Who do you snuggle with Mommy?" and I'd say, "I snuggle with Daddy" now he adds, "Mommy snuggles Daddy"...Ha!....

One more recent thing about Ethan is that he is obsessed with salt and pepper right now. He wants salt and pepper on anything...which is sometimes really unappetizing in my opinion...but I will usually put pepper on anything for him because it's more likely he'll eat it then...and I pretend to salt. I'm not sure where this came from, but we do read a book called "My Cat has Kittens" and Miss' kittens names are Pepper, Salt, Pepper-and-Salt, and Salt-and-Pepper.

Ethan got some stickers from Gramma Nana the other day and he has already used them up and keeps asking for more. I think it's safe to say they were a hit! (picture above)


Dylan and Owen were 7 weeks old on Monday. I need to take the "7-week" picture of them. Hopefully today after bathtime. We had a rough night on Monday night. I almost hit my breaking point and started to cry...almost. It was one of those nights where just when you get one settled, the other wakes up...Ethan was part of that mix too. He's sick, so he's been waking up a bit at night...probably because he's stuffed up...we use a humidifier but that doesn't solve everything! I barely slept at all...even when they were all quiet, I was just waiting for one of them to holler out so I had a hard time relaxing enough to fall asleep. Even though Andy slept terribly too, he was a sweetheart and made a new batch of formula, put away some dishes, poured out the next bottles, and made me some coffee before he left for work. Yesterday I started reading "Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child"'s hard to read when you are so tired your eyes hurt...but I'm willing to make the effort. They are young enough that we can teach them healthy sleep habits versus trying to correct issues...Dr Weissbluth recommends keeping a sleep log so I think I'll start that soon. Anything is worth a try...things will only get better with time, right?!

The babies have yet to catch Ethan's cold, but they have been sneezing a lot and I think they both have a little something rattling around behind their noses. I'm too afraid to use the snot bulb. The one time we tried to use it with Ethan, he screamed so terribly I cried. Ethan's old pediatrician always told me that the snot bothers us more than it bothers them. The nurse comes tomorrow for their RSV shot so she will listen to their lungs and I'll ask about the snot and sneezing...

Last night (which was much better than Monday night...11:30pm, 3am, and 8am feedings!), I was up with D & O at 3am. I was thinking to myself how wonderful it is that we don't have to deal with big spit-ups anymore. Every now and again, a little spit-up will trickle out, but no big deal. Owen sucked down his bottle and I congratulated him! They were both asleep, but I decided to rock them a little bit for good measure...I held one in each arm up against my chest and Owen erupted, big time, on all 3 of us. Thankfully I was wearing layers so off went my sweatshirt, new blankets for everyone, and a new outfit down to the skin for O. They are due for a bath today and boy do they need it!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The thing about my blog posts these days is that I really have no complex or interesting thoughts, just little tidbits and observations...

A new book has entered our Ethan bedtime routine...Where the Wild Things Are. For Ethan's first Christmas, my aunt, uncle, cousins and their significant others gave Ethan their favorite childhood books....Wild Things was my cousin Eric's favorite book. Ethan has recently adopted it as one of his favorites too...which makes me very happy. Let the wild rumpus start!!


Ethan was climbing around on me the other day as I sat on the floor leaning against our couch. He was saying something to me and I wasn't sure I understood him until Gamma said, "You want to get back in?"...yes, that's right, my eldest son was saying he wanted to get back inside of Mommy. I replied that I had worked way to hard to get him out, so no...he can't get back in.


Aunt Cec came over last Thursday. Ethan and Gamma were around for some of the morning until they went out to do an activity. They were just about to leave and were right by the door when Ethan said "Oh!" and ran back across the dining room into the living room where Aunt Cec was to give her a huge hug and goodbye...I just about died it was so cute.


Ethan is super sick...he's coughing and snotting all over the's so sad. I can't keep him quarantined, so I'm hoping he doesn't have a nasty strain that will be bad for the babies. We are obsessively washing our hands in this hands are raw and are so dry they are cracking and bleeding...I put on lotion, but I change so many diapers that the lotion is just washed off with the next washing a few minutes later. I'm trying to teach Ethan to cover his mouth with his hand when he coughs...he forgets to do it when he really coughs, but will fake cough and imitate me when I remind him of these days he'll get it....


Andy bought some new surround speakers for our living room with his fantasy football winnings...he won both his leagues!! It's cool...we play the 800 channels on R&B or Rap and pretend we're cool and hip...'course we have to volume control since we have a toddler and 2 babies in the room...tonight I soothed Owen's crying by swaying around the room to "Shake it like a Salt Shaker" with Lil' Jon...Ethan got down too. Wish I had that one on video.


I am trying to unbury us from the mess I have created in the basement. It has been my dump area for attempting to de-clutter the rest of the house. I have piles of toys down there that need to be bleached or packed away. I have boxes of pictures, cards, letters, things I don't need to keep...and a huge file cabinet that needs to be sorted through. I have spent a few hours down there the past few days and so far am only through the top drawer of the file cabinet (4 drawers!!). A few weeks ago I did bleach the cups and shapes that Ethan uses in his bean table and playdoh table...but I've yet to bleach and refill the actual bean table that our cat pissed in over the Holidays (she might have been stressed with the dog here).


Speaking of the dog, Maddie has a new home. She has been in a loving foster home since August, but Andy decided that he would really prefer she be adopted by people we know better if she was not able to return to our house. Since it was clear during her 2-week return over the Holidays that a permanent return to our home would lead to me and Andy's imminent divorce, Andy sought and found a new home for her. We are pleased that she will be just up the road at our neighbor Paul and Maria's home. They have two children that are older than ours...6 and 11? they are much better suited to have a puppy in their home. They also have a tiny dog of some breed that will be a good playmate for Maddie as Lucy has lots of energy!! We've agreed to keep our distance as Maddie makes the transition to new ownership, but we are pleased that she'll be nearby for Ethan to visit and for Andy to possibly hunt with, as Paul hunts as well. Ok, I might even want to visit her on occasion too. This whole puppy thing has been an adventure...a good dog, but an ill-timed addition to our house. I haven't ruled it out entirely...but I think an adult dog at a time when our 3 boys are at least 3 or older would work out much better for all of us.


Yesterday, I spent some baby awake-time playing dress-up. They have lots of 0-3 month clothes and I am trying to get them in all of them. Sleepers are easiest, but are getting repetitive. So yesterday I dressed them in these cute long-sleeved tees that Cec and Chris gave us. They are from Gymborie so of course they are adorable. I paired them with some sweats and shirts, pants, and socks, they are like "real" boys!!....all dressed up. I had fun...not sure if they shared the sentiment.


Happy Birthday, Mom!! Have fun saying fifty-fiiiiiive!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Aunt Cec was over yesterday and Ethan told her, "My mommy's nice pretty girl"...I love him.

The other day I sneezed and Ethan said, "Bless you, mom"

Ethan will call me "Hilary" if he can't get my attention with a few "Mommy's"


Ethan has a cold...he's all sorts of plegmy and is having productive sneezes....grody. He's always a pretty good sport when he's sick, but today he is super dramatic about everything and Gamma and I have been holding back some laughs...everything is a HUGE deal. I feel sad for him though...noone like to be sick.

All this hand-washing and he still gets sick...can't kill every germ. I'm happy that Dylan and Owen's next RSV shot is coming up Thursday. An added bonus is getting the medication out of my fridge (it gets shipped way in advance and has to be refrigerated)! They will also be weighed on that day and we are so curious to see what our little boys weigh now...I am sure they are both gaining some good weight, but Owen looks so small in comparison to Dylan, who is just a solid chunk. I just need the confirmation that they are each gaining weight at the right rate.


My mom and I laughed about this while she was in town because we caught ourselves doing it a lot...when you are doing something with one baby, it is natural to refer to the other baby as "the other one"...It's ok most of the time, but sounds kinda bad when you say something like "I'll change Owen, you get the other one"...ya know?!

This was my 7th attempt at a cute bathtub picture...he finally gave in when I promised to stop following him around with the camera if he'd smile. Every mom needs some bathtub pictures for ammunition in high school...."Don't do drugs or I'll show your friends the bathtub picture!"...see, I'm prepared.


This was my attempt at the 6-week picture.

Let me add some dialogue...

Owen: "Oh. My. Gawwwwwwd! Noone has touched me for two attention to me NOWWWWWWWW! I need a snuggle IMEEEEEDIATELY!"

Dylan: "When's the next bottle?"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6-week update

Posts are best begun with Ethan funnies...

"Watch out Daddy's coffee and Daddy's pen"...Ethan's warning to Daddy's coffee and pen when moving his cars onto the computer table

"Baby brudder doesn't like tummy time"...who told him about "tummy time"?!

"Baby brudder is going swimming"...watching Mommy give Dylan a bath; we give baths in the baby tub placed on top of the kitchen island and Ethan watches from his Learning Tower

"Daddy's feeding ALL my baby brudders"....yep, ALL ten


We're working on some longer stretches of sleep here!! Longer than 3 hours that is...A couple nights last weekend, D and O ate around 8pm, went to sleep shortly after, and didn't wake up to eat again until about 1am. Then again around 5am. It's not so terrible. Last night was a little different...They ate at 11pm, then again at 3am...and Mommy couldn't fall back asleep for a long time after that feeding and then Ethan was up at 5:30am. He came to bed with us and insisted on sleeping with his face on my face, or with his head in my neck. I love a good snuggle, but cutting off my airway isn't so comfy. This was the second morning of "family bed" of one sort or another. On Monday morning, Dylan wouldn't go back to sleep after the 5am feeding, so I brought him to bed and he fell right asleep. I love snuggling with babies in bed, but I sleep terrible because I am terrified that I will roll on top of I position myself much lower than where their head is so they are above me and then I am crunched into about 2 feet of bed. Anyways, we try not to make a habit of bringing our kids into our bed for sleeping (morning cartoons are ok!) but I like to nuzzle up to them sometimes.

Dylan and Owen were 6 weeks old yesterday!! They are changing every day and we are getting to know their personalities. Just when I think I have them figured out, they throw me for a loop. But most of the time Dylan is laid back (though he's being a little difficult this morning) and Owen is high-maintenance. Owen just really insists on being held. I love to hold my babies so it's ok, but makes it difficult to get things done...I need a sling. Dylan is pretty chill, unless we are doing floor time, which he doesn't seem to like much...On the other hand, Owen loves floor time. They are so different...and look different too. Though they've both moved into 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers (graduated from Newborn), Owen is much smaller...he's been doing much better on his feedings (very little spitting up from both of them thanks to the snail-slow bottles we are now using)...but we are guessing he is at least a half pound lighter than Dylan, who has about 5 chins. Dylan's hair looks more red every day and Owen's continues to grow and grow...after a bath it's super puffy and soft and I like to rub my chin on it :>

Ethan's obsession with cars/tractors/trucks has reached a new level. He now insists on having them with him at all times. When we go downstairs/upstairs to play he'll say "Mommy will bring ALL my cars" and start bringing them to you in 3s or 4s...So the other day I bought him a basket so that he could carry more of them at a time. 'Course this led to stacking the basket into a heaping mound of cars/tractors/trucks so that it weighs about 40 pounds and I can barely carry it. But he'll insist on bringing the basket onto his Learning Tower, onto the changing table, into his "little chair"...anywhere he goes. It's sort of ridiculous, but it's his thing right now and it's harmless and pretty funny. However, we do find cars everywhere....just the other day I found one behind the toaster...must have been up on the counter when we were making dinner some night.

Below is a picture of Ethan with his basket in his "little chair" having a snack. And of Dylan (R) and Owen (L) working on some tummy time and head-lifting!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

We needed to do baths anyways...

As I was wrapping up the last post, I heard some curious noises coming from the living room...Dylan was coughing or something, so I ran over to check on him. He was laying in his Boppy pillow so I picked him up and he spit up a little out of the corner of his mouth. He had spit up after his afternoon feeding that day (this was Wednesday) which is really unusual for him...Owen is the spitter (but he's been much better lately) and Gamma Leslie had helped with that feeding and held Dylan up for a long time after his feeding too. Anyways, I picked him up and wiped up the little bit of spit-up and then sat down and as I was getting settled, I felt something wet on my hand...he had spit UP onto my hand. I spazzed a bit because I don't do well with flying bodily fluids and as I stood up, he projectiled all over me, himself, and the couch (thank goodness for slip-covers!). I yelped...Andy was just finishing with putting Ethan to bed so he came down and took Dylan so I could take off my drenched clothes...I really don't do well with this stuff. I've read that parents should remain calm when kids throw up because it's scary to them...I'm going to need to work on that...I'm not that person right now.

We got everything cleaned up and I went to Mr Google to look up "projectile spit up" even though Andy tried to assure me that babies projectile spit up sometimes...which I know they's just that it's unusual for Dylan. So Mr Google convinced me that Dylan has pyloric stenosis and I stressed about that all night. But so far, no more projectile spit-ups.

Wednesday night was a rough one later on too. Dylan was spitting and slept really well. Owen, on the other hand, was my nemesis. He refused to take full feedings and kept waking up earlier than he should have between feedings and then had a really hard time getting settled after feedings. Despite my better judgement, I brought Owen to Andy during the 2am and 5am feedings because I just couldn't deal with him...he was able to get him to take some more of the bottle at the 2am feeding and then slept with him on his chest after the 5am feeding. I felt like a jerk. Last night went better. We fed them during Grey's Anatomy and then went to bed. Andy fed them around 1am and I fed them around 4:30am. They went back to sleep after each feeding...

We got new bottles the other day...Playtex VentAire...Our theory was that Owen wasn't feeding well because he was getting tired before he was getting full. We'd been using the bottles from the breastfeeding kit...the Medela bottles and nipples...and those nipples are supposed to be similar to breastfeeding so the flow is really slow. The Playtex bottles with the 0-3 month nipples seem to be even slower, but they both seem to do better on them. It takes like twice the time to feed them, but the bottles don't get the vacuum suction or bubbles so they get less gas. They seem to be happier about that. They are also angled so the bottles are more comfortable to hold...and this morning, I was able to double-feed them!! The strategy is to sit in the corner of the sectional with a baby in a Boppy pillow on each side. It works well, unless you have an itch on your nose, which I did.

Ethan and Gamma are off at Sesame Street Live today. Ethan has been so excited...every time he sees the commercial for it, he says "I'm going to see that game with Gamma Leslie"...

I hear that both my babies are awake right now, a rare event...time to exercise on the floor...all of us!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

5 week update

Because I'm tired, let's start with some Ethan funnies...

"Bye bye, dirty water!"...the end to any productive bathtub

H: "Where is the tonka truck going?" E: "To Northfield"...if you ask where anything/anyone is going now, they are going to Northfield (we went to Northfield last Sunday for Emily's 2nd birthday)

"Let's drink it and see what happens"...he said this to daddy the other day as daddy brought him a bottle of milk when he woke up...he was very serious about it...Daddy thinks that he might have said this exact same thing a few times in college

He's also been into rolling his "R"s...this one is hard to demonstrate via writing, but try saying "I want to brrrrring my cars upstairs" while rolling your tongue on the "r" in "bring"'s hilarious. I've started doing it myself just for fun.


Last night was a rough one. That's all I'll say. I didn't drink coffee today. In retrospect, I don't know what I was thinking. But despite the bumpy night, I get the chance to take Ethan to school (his ECFE class) while I'm on leave so I went, and was actually able to participate in reasonable conversation with adults on approximately one hour of sleep and no caffeine to fuel me. I decided not to drink caffeine today because last night I had some "you're going to get a migraine" warnings from my body and then got completely paranoid that the reason I was having those symptoms was because that day I had only had one cup of coffee versus four and I was in withdrawal. Who knows. I think I'll try to scale back on the beans.

I think I might have is frigid cold (like coldest EVER!!) here in MN and it starts getting dark at like 4pm. But we have some things coming up to look forward that will hopefully make the rest of January pass by quickly. We'll have a dinner out with Cec and Chris, a Wolves game, a Happy Hour with old coworkers, and I'm co-planning a baby shower.


I think I now need to resort to bullet-points as my brain is no longer functioning in paragraph-formation.

- In case anyone cares, in the middle of the night while feeding my babies, I "day"dream about vacationing with my husband somewhere far away and staying up as late as we want because the morning holds no repercussions...we can sleep all day.

-Owen has baby acne/pimples all over his T-zone. It's looks painful. I want to pop them, but I don't. I googled and Dr Google told me not to, but I resist the urge all day.

-Ethan ate chicken tonight (Smothered Chicken over rice, Mom!). Without prodding and tears...Andy and I aren't sure what we did, but we would sure like to repeat whatever it was tomorrow night.

-It is the coldest it has even been this week and my husband didn't wear a jacket to work because he uses the skyway downtown. Let me ask you this...what happens if your car decides to stop running because it just wants to hide away like everything else in this do you explain to your wife that you lost your fingers and toes?

-Andy and Ethan went to visit Maddie tonight after dinner and just after they left, both babies woke up for a feeding. I tried to double-feed by propping them up in the boppy pillows and sticking bottles in their mouths and that was the most inefficient way of trying to save time/pacifiy babies that I have ever was a disaster and I'm not sure how my husband manages to do it. I need a lesson from the expert.

-Among washing dishes, doing laundry, and "cooking"* dinner...I poured myself a glass of wine and took on the task of emptying 3 diaper genies with poop diapers and several garbages with pee diapers...I don't wish the task on my worst enemy and think it should only be done when you can stop in the kitchen and take a swig of wine between garbage pails.

-Our babies are due tomorrow. Time to take down that creepy ticker!! I can't believe it...they were 5 weeks old last Monday...I can't believe that they are only "official" in all of my stupid baby sleep and development books as of tomorrow. Have we accomplished nothing? I think Dylan and Owen would tell you otherwise. I'm sure they have already learned much from staring at my nose.

*Thawing aforementioned Smothered Chicken

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daddy update

"I'm taking a dump mommy"

Music to any mother's ears, no? I would say that I feel bad about some of the things that E has been saying lately, but I think we are equal offenders of inappropriate language in the house, so we are both responsible for his excellent vocab. Unfortunately he seems to like to imitate his daddy with more enthusiasm.

This seems to part of the drill though, as we are going to try to begin the potty-training. Nothing makes me feel quite as cool as when I am demonstrating the proper technique for my boy. Here's where you grunt son: "Grrrrrr"

Other than trying to get our boy to "dump" in a big-boy potty (see: plastic bucket), life is both repetitive and crazy here. Change babies, feed babies, burp babies, play cars with E, try to sleep, eat something, repeat cycle from beginning every 3 hours, day and night.

People without kids may think this schedule can't really repeat constantly around the clock every 3 hours, and they are absolutely correct. Between 8 PM and 7 AM E does not play cars since he is sleeping, and we also have to add in bathing for child or parent occasionally. Other than that, not much need for a clock. Such is the life of the parents of a newborn.

Now how is this cycle different with twins than one baby? Substitute out the "try to sleep" category and replace with "stare at wall and try to zone out until one or the other is crying".

It's all good though. Occasionally you find some interesting things to see or do when you're awake at 4 AM. Sham Wow!


Friday, January 9, 2009

One month old

I got a email the other day with the subject "Top 100 Baby Names of 2008"...Ethan is #3, Dylan is #16 and Owen is #38. Strangely enough, I would have expected those to be in the opposite order...right after my delivery of Owen, when I announced his name, the delivering doctor and one of my nurses both told me they had their own Owens. We knew we weren't being super creative with our names, but I'm not super excited about being so unoriginal. I think in 2006, when Ethan was born, we found out that Ethan was the #1 name (after the fact) least in the Midwest area. Still, I like our names.

Our "little" guys were a month old yesterday, and as of yesterday, were due in one week...on the 15th. Strange. I can't imagine birthing babies of this size. Keeping in mind the fact that they were 7lbs 3oz and 6lbs 10oz last Friday and growing at a rate of 0.5-1oz every day...and the fact that babies grow faster in utero than in the "real" world...holy cow!! They are doing really great...eating well and really getting curious about the world around them. They are having more awake time (sometimes not timed so well) and seem to be less excited about being swaddled up. We'll start tummy time on the floor (the dog is gone!) pretty soon. We've found that at least Owen likes the swing (we haven't tried with Dylan yet) so it's exciting to see that we can do more with them.

Night-time is going ok. We have been sticking with our "schedule" of me going to bed after the early-evening feeding or after Ethan goes to bed...around 8 or so. Andy does the late-night feeding and mom and I have been covering the middle of the night feeding. Thank God for my Mommy!! Last night, they went a stretch from 11:30pm to around 4am...granted, they were not sleeping that whole time, they probably settled down around 1am, but they are taking bigger feedings and going longer stretches in between feedings. Now if we could just get this sleeping at night thing down...we'd be set!! At least for awhile, until another stage starts! :> Until then, I make a large pot of coffee each morning and down about 3-4 cups before gets me through.

Below is the 4-week picture of D & O, and the handsomest 3 young men in my life...

Dylan looks a little suspicious of the camera and Owen is ready to throw some jabs.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We took the twins out of the house and survived...

Mom and I took Dylan and Owen to the pediatrician last Friday. It was for their hospital follow-up and since we were supposed to get in within the week, we saw a pediatrician that wasn't the one we'll be going to, but he was very thorough and just fine. Andy had put together our double stroller and put it in the van awhile ago, but I didn't want to figure it out in the cold, so mom and I each carried an infant seat into the clinic...small as they are, I'll be needing to figure out that stroller soon!! With the diaper bag, my purse, and jacket, I couldn't imagine doing it on my own...maybe someday I will have this all figured out. It was a workout as is.

We are a spectacle wherever we seems that everyone feels the need to comment about twins. We got some fleece blankets with pink backing from Andy's grandma for Christmas so everyone thought they were either two girls, or a boy and a girl...boys can have pink blankets too!! They were the warmest blankets we have and I threw them over the top of the car seats to keep them extra warm (I used like every blanket we own to bundle them up!).

Andy met us at the appointment so we were both able to talk to the pediatrician and ask questions. He reviewed their discharge papers and was very thorough with checking them out. They got great reviews. They are both gaining weight appropriately and look really good. Dylan was 7lbs 3oz and 19.9in. Owen is 6lbs 10oz and 19.1in. Both had gained good weight from the last time they were their Synagis shot on the 31st...they are supposed to gain 0.5-1oz each day, which they are. Go team!

I asked about the iron supplement they are getting once a day in their bottles and the special 22-cal fortified formula...he said at least through their due date (Jan 15), but we could stay on the iron until it's gone or until their 2-month check (we go in Feb 11) for good we'll stick to both of those things until they are two months old.

Of course I had to ask about RSV since nothing in this world scares me more. We've had lots of visitors and I've heard of parents of multiples following "RSV lockdown" during flu season (the pediatrician we saw uses April 15th as his "flu season" end date, but has seen cases in May) where they really don't go out or let anyone else in. With Ethan, I don't think RSV lockdown is that practical for us, which he agreed that it's not...but did recommend that we limit our visitors. Baby holding can be in full-force come Spring...please understand.

We've started to have a routine of some sort...Andy has been staying up for the late feeding, whatever falls around 11-1am...then he brings D and O upstairs (they are sleeping in their room now as of a few nights ago). I usually go to bed after the feeding that falls before that (8ish), and then I get up for the middle-of-the-night feeding (2-4am ish)...most nights I am able to tackle it myself if one of the babies is up before the other, but I've had to recruit my mom for assistance a few times (she is awesome!). So far, things have been manageable. 'Course we've had some rough nights too...the other night Andy brought the babies upstairs after the late feeding but Dylan was still awake and squawking so I went into their room and rocked him...he seemed hungry, but it hadn't even been two hours since their last feeding, so I held out for another half hour and them fed him, woke Owen and fed him, then held Owen for about a half hour (this seems to help decrease his spit-ups, which are getting better), and then put him back in the crib...after all that effort to keep Owen from spitting, as I put him back in the crib, Dylan spit I got him changed and back to bed and then went back to bed myself...Not so bad, just lots of baby juggling. I seem to be getting enough sleep if you add it's just that it's really fragmented...So, I'm not feeling totally sleep deprived, per se, just totally out of it.

My mom has been cooking up a storm for us (freezing lots of meals), doing all our laundry, dishes, and is just incredible in general. She will head back to KY on Saturday and we will miss her!! While she's been here, Andy and I have had a chance to get out of the house together, which we really haven't done in so long if you think about how long I was on bedrest even before I had the babies...on New Year's Eve we went to a movie and last night we went out to dinner with friends. Drying my hair and putting on makeup...dressing in real clothes (although I'm still wearing those maternity jeans every time I head outside of the house) makes me feel human's good for my psyche!!