Thursday, June 3, 2010

Preschool Spring Concert - May 25

"Ethan, get your hands out of your mouth!" we said...Ethan is always a little nervous at first...

But he was sitting next to his little buddy, Keller, (and his crush, Madison) and was having a great time before too long. Maybe too good of a time...before the end of the concert, Ethan was plucked from his spot by a teacher's assistant, and placed in the top bleacher row, away from his buddy. They must have no sense of humor! Ethan participated throughout the concert...a total 180 from the Christmas Concert when he sat still and silent. At this concert, he sang (I could hear him from our seats!) and did the hand motions to the songs. He looked like he was having a blast! I laughed and smiled the whole time. What a sweetheart!

Parents came up to the stage to collect their kids...Mommy was a little teary in this picture, which is why my eyes look so weird. Yes, I am a total sap, and no, I'm not embarrassed about it!

Pictures with Mommy and Gramma Leslie after the concert.

Then Mommy & Daddy took Ethan to the store so he could pick out a special cupcake (Red Velvet, that's my boy!) to celebrate!

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