Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boys in Bins

Boys in Bins: A Series

Dylan's doing something goofy again, sitting in a toy bin...and then you can almost see the question mark pop up above Ethan' & Owen's heads...who will get this one!?

Dylan is tight-lipped about his vote...

Alas, we'll have to wait for another day to see who would conquer in a fair duel...Ethan jumps in on his own, and Owen goes off to do some very important tractoring...

John Deere man...can't blame him...if I had my pick, I'd play with the tractors over $6 IKEA bins too!

The victor looks pleased!!!

There were a bunch of great pics in the "Dylan bin series", but this encompassed him best...super excited and open-mouthed with a drool-soaked shirt...I love this little guy!

Dylan would call this picture, "Let's break shit"...or maybe not, because thankfully he doesn't say that word yet. This is a picture of his amusement after he got over the initial shock when the bin cracked open on both ends and made a huge snapping sound. We just threw out a few of the broken bins. Still glad I won the "plastic furniture vs real/expensive furniture" discussion...there is a day for pretty things, and it will be in about 18 years.

If you can't join them, pull them all over the place...or, about an inch from where you started, if you are a little man.

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