Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get in my belly!

We let the kiddos run around in their "undergarments" before pajama time... I know they aren't really babies anymore...toddlers after 12-months or whatever "they" say, but they still smell like babies, and they are still pinchable like babies too...tell me you could refrain from pinching these cheeks, thighs and bellies!

There are just no words to sum up the cuteness of Owen....

My curly-red D heading for the door...gotta keep an eye on this one!

Dylan's like, "Enough of you and your camera, MOM, I'm bustin' out of here!"


Louvuhl M said...

I love these pictures! Thank you so much for posting!!!

Anonymous said...

hope he's heading to my house i'll make him feel good